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You may be wondering what our sessions would look like, these will be different depending on your experiences. They also will be very different on cam vs. in person.

Booking in person sessions.

Include in your communication:


-Type of Session

-Contact information (email or phone number)

-Date preferred with length of session

-Reference you have seen in last year (no reference requires a social meet, prior to session)

-Once time is confirmed, and reference is checked you will send deposit to hold time

-Remainder of payment given upon arrival

Sessions are booked in advance so I can make arrangements for an incall space.

Sessions are done in 1 hour minimum increments and after that can be half or one hour periods. Payments are always to be received prior to play time.


Whether you are new or experienced with the lifestyle I will always take care of all of your needs. This includes physical, mental and emotional. When you and I are in session, you will submit completely to me, you will learn to trust that I have everything in control and you need only to experience the sensations. We will include a debrief conversation on how the time went, how you are feeling and discuss if future sessions are of interest. All sessions must be done completely sober, if you are under any influence all payments will be kept and session will be cancelled.


Sensual, Pin-up girl curves with a devious and powerfully creative mind. I offer fun date packages including:

-Wine/Whiskey tasting

-Board/Card Games


-Dates to events such as theatre/museums

-Hiking/drives to the mountains

Choose a social activity and pair it with some intimacy time for a perfect, custom made Date!

Contact me for special package rates!

On cam.

We will arrange a time to connect on Google Hangouts or Skype, any implements you may need to have with you. You will have a Google Hangouts account or Skype set up and payment will be received before play session starts. Sessions are done in 10,20,30,40,50, 60 and 90 min session, paid via Email money transfer or Here


Email money transfers (CAD$) and payments can be sent to [email protected]

In person

Reservation Fee: $50/10% (to be deducted from session total cost)

Domination/Companionship time:

1hr - $300​

1.5hr - $400

2hrs - $500

3hrs - $650

4hrs - $750

8hrs - $1200

Social/Date time:

1hr - $100​

1.5hr - $150

2hrs - $200

3hrs - $250

Email for quotes for longer time periods, including overnights.

Long distance travel is cost of flight and accommodations covered by you.