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Gifts are always welcome!

New Master wishlist site!

~find all in one place. Sign up and browse all the ways to bring a smile to my face-

- Financial gift: can be sent via email money transfer to [email protected], Tributes

- Day of Me: Full time off to do what I want- $150 for part day, $300 for full day.

- Gift cards for: Sephora, Torrid, Cineplex, Home Depot, Indigo, Ikea, Ulta, Split Peaches, Bed bath and beyond, Home sense, GotCurves, Etsy for art by Mayticks

-Office Supplies: reusable notebook, fave pens,

- Sex Toys I would love to Add to my collection: Osci, Lily, Ora, Spiro, unicorn horn, screw you,

- Jewellery to make me smile: pearl earringsa necklace or this one

- Fun shoes: (size 9.5) pair 1, pair 2, pair 3, pair 4, pair 5, pair 6,

- To build my home bar: Decanter, glasses,

- I adore wine: Faves are Shiraz, Malbec, Pinot Grigio, Prosecco and dry champagnes.

- I love bourbon and whiskey: Faves include Woodford, Four Roses, Bulleit, Forty Creek

- In person gifts: Succulent Potted plants-not fresh cut flowers, they die. Specific toys you wish to have used on you.

-Books I would LOVE to add to my collection: -wishlist-check for up to date desires

(I always prefer Paperback over hardcover, if possible. No ebooks)

Message me to get the mailing address if you wish to send a gift.

I wear size 22 or 3X in lingerie, size 9.5 in shoes, 42DD in bras

Gardening/Plants bring me much pleasure both for indoor or out. As well as accessories for the garden or bird feeders.

Tribute Me